Last night at Hooters…

23 08 2008

So, apparently…after the events, when everyone thinks I’ve left, this is what happens:

Badboo holds a dance class. Not everyone gets it right the first time.


Last night at Hooters…

20 08 2008

Keg got dramatic on us:

The crowd gathered quickly, unsure of what action to take…

Elle came up with a plan:

New attraction at Hooters! Kegtubes! Innerkegs! Whichever!

*H&S Compound* Shops for boys!

17 08 2008

VIP boys — have you checked out UK Casuals on the H&S Compound? Great basics: shirts, sweaters, jeans…provided by one of our favorite VIPs, Norge Oh!. UK Casuals is located on the west side of the lake, next to Erotic Angel Designs. Hooters girls love a well-dressed man…something to consider….

H&S Compound

Last night at Hooters…

15 08 2008

We got our drink on. We totally did. And we got to see our favorite, most precious, and most dapperly dressed VIP ever: Skycloud Jaxxon. He lives in my pocket.

Last night at Hooters…

12 08 2008

It got psychedelic up in da club for 60s Night:

See ya tonight for Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll, followed by Best Lingerie — ooh, hardcore AND sexy – score us!

*H&S Compound* Shops, we got ’em!

10 08 2008

Check the “Need something to do…” page, linked on the right, for a list of all the awesome shops available for you on the H&S Compound. I specifically want to mention one of our newest: BamBam’s Flower Hut! BamBam Sachertorte has set up shop on a dock outside SC Tattoos/Badkatz, and you have to stop by to check out the cute stuff! He has just a few items displayed on the dock, and then you can also click his display boards to temp-rezz other items! That’s an awesome way to display the oh-so-cute large-scale sculpted items that he offers. For instance, Pax and I checked out his Flower Pool:

Click the sign again to dispose of the temp rezz when you’re done! It’s really cool! Pax and I also checked out BamBam’s beanbags…they change shape when you sit in them, just like RL! 🙂

Come see it all at H&S Compound!

Last night at Hooters…

6 08 2008

So, as previously mentioned, it was Morg’s anniversary yesterday. Inevitably, he crashed the party that he wasn’t invited to – typical. We managed to have a good time in spite of it. Even though he insisted on jumping out of his own cake. Diva!

Now, I’m not usually squeamish about the nudity and the boobies and the peepees, as you all know. But somehow…well, somehow, these pics just screamed for censoring. However, check out the size of those skates! You know what they say…

My eyes! My eyes! ……………*faints*