*Hooters* Happy Anniversary, Morg!

5 08 2008

Yep – today marks 1 year that I’ve allowed Morg to continue coming in to “work” at Hooters. ..and here’s what I get for my troubles:

We’re gonna party it up right nice for Morg tonight during the 6-8 Roller Derby event — I mean, he’s not invited, so come on over and have a blast at his expense!

Hooters & Shooters!




4 responses

5 08 2008

*spits out her coffee* He looks good in that dress, don’t ya think? He is super-geeked about the 6-6 tonight.

5 08 2008

and the 6-8

5 08 2008

well, he is a super geek, so it stands to reason.

hahaha 6-6: shortest event ever. actually, that’s the time i told HIM for the party…so at 6:01, the club starts a-rockin’.


6 08 2008

He does look good in that dress! I am wondering how he crammed his foot in your shoes though Ab!

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