Last night at Hooters…

20 08 2008

Keg got dramatic on us:

The crowd gathered quickly, unsure of what action to take…

Elle came up with a plan:

New attraction at Hooters! Kegtubes! Innerkegs! Whichever!



2 responses

20 08 2008

I really couldn’t help it! I give Morg all my love and it’s not returned! So I had to do something drastic! I do appreciate the electric shock that someone sent through the water…or was that you from you sitting on me, Elle?

haha, either way, the Masquerade Ball was a load of fun!

20 08 2008

I support Keg’s pursuit of Morg 100% …. anything to get him to stop breaking into my house and leaving roses on pillow….

… thorns in my cheek hurt !!!

… and on my face too !!!

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