*H&S Compound* Jewelry by Bonita!

30 09 2008

Spotlight on Jewelry by Bonita! If you haven’t already, you must check out Bonita Popinjay’s shop in the H&S Compound! You’ll find very nicely detailed jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and more!

Bonita does great bangles, and there is a wide selection in the H&S shop! Here is the Bangles 16 set, modeled by yours truly.  😉 The Antique Pearl Wrapped Necklace I’m wearing is also from Bonita — and it’s available as a freebie in the H&S shop!! Get over there and grab one for yourself!

Last night at Hooters…

30 09 2008

It was Best Lingerie from 6-8. Daggerloo may soon have her own page.

Our favorite wee VIP was there — along with his squirrel.

See you tonight at Hooters for Two-for Tuesday and Roller Derby!

Last night at Hooters…

22 09 2008

This is what a lifetime service contract gets me:

Happy Hooters Anniversary, Justice!

Hooters Birthday Wrap Up!

22 09 2008

So yeah – happy birthday to us! Thanks to all who came out to celebrate two years with us – I don’t think it could have been any better! Thanks to the awesome H&S Merchants who donated a ton of prizes for giveaways, as well as participating in the sim scavenger hunt. I hope you all grabbed the goodies while you could!! Special thanks to Swan Ling of Olive Juice for making our custom Hooters outfits for girls and boys! I’ll leave those up in the back of the club for a while — make sure to grab yours! (heh) Here’s how the birthday went down:

I lagged the hell out of the club with decorations — that’s how you know it’s a great party!

You know what else makes a great party? Cake!

And beer!

And party hats that match all outfits!

For the ultimate party experience, it has to be the balloon drop! I don’t know how we made it 2 years without this!!

We wrapped up the celebration with Hooters first ever fireworks show. I can guarantee it won’t be the last! Everyone gathered on the docks to oooh and ahhhhh!

Thanks to all who made this such a special celebration — my gorgeous dancers, awesome DJs, and the best VIPs ever!

Emm Sands was kind enough to make a slideshow for us — you can see that here!

Check our Flickr page for the ‘Hooters Past & Present’ slideshow pics that were being shown in the club during the parties. You can find them in the Hooters Second Birthday set on the right-side menu.

Enjoy! 🙂

*Scavenger Hunt is on!*

18 09 2008

It’s time!!! The Scavenger Hunt is ready for you to come grab some goodies!

We’ve also got a special Birthday offer on our H&S rental cottages!!!

Come see us!

Happy Birthday, Hooters!

17 09 2008

September marks Hooters’ 2nd birthday!! Two years in SL – woot! We’ve got some big parties planned for Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday night — Saturday will be the biggest!!! Each night will be rockin’ with hot dancers, cold cash, AND prize giveaways from some of our amazing H&S merchants!! Make sure you’re at the club every night — you don’t want to miss a minute of it!!!

Oh, and don’t miss our Scavenger Hunt!! More free stuff for you!!

It’s all happening in Caribbean City! See ya there!

Recent nights at Hooters…

17 09 2008

We had our first ever Hooters Car Show this past Saturday night, and it was awesome!

A million thanks to these fine designers for letting us play with their cars!

Route 66 Tools

Binder Motors

ZKS Motors

Triple X

AM ProRides

You know what’s better than a hot Hooters dancer? A hot Hooters dancer on a finely crafted automobile.

True story.

That’s Ahna, Ab, and Elle gettin’ it on…until Prim showed up to lay down the law.

We also saw an opportunity to make a few extra Linden for the club…

Tuesday night (tonight) was 80s Night…and the hero of the 1980s decade was there to celebrate:

Don’t miss the Hooters 2nd Birthday Celebration, September 18-20!!