Best Pumpkin Mon. Oct. 27th

28 10 2008

Thanks to all our VIPs that showed up for our Best Pumpkin Event 4-6pm on Monday, October 27th

We had lots of laughs!   Have a look at the great costumes.

Axe looked adorable.  She was bopping around the dance floor, having a great time.

Sono, makes a jack-o-lantern look good, doesn’t he?

So does Hammer!

Ab, Carley, and Sav kept the party hopping!      Sav, earned the nickname “Pumpkin-pie”, with Ab’s help.

If you missed Honey’s story as to why, I guess you’ll never know the truth.

Honey has a great set of pumpkins …

… and played an amazing array of music

Jennifer also joined the party!

and sexy Reggie came to hang out too!

Thanks to all our VIP`s who make the party every night.

Be sure to drop by tomorrow night.   We promise it will be a blast!

Recently at Hooters…

26 10 2008

You’ll see from all the recent posts that we’ve had lots of scary Halloween visitors lately. We like that. The other night, though, we were surprised by this:

That’s Ab as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, and she rocked the club…after overcoming a few challenges.

The scavenger hunt will be starting tomorrow! Keep your eyes on the blog and group notices for more info!

Saturday, October 25th – HORROR NIGHT!

26 10 2008

Horror night brought out a wide array of costumes from VIP’s and staff.

Emily arrived dressed as an 80’s icon, “Stripe” from the Gremlins movie.

That’s right .. this is Emily!   She’s normally beautiful, and scantily clad when she’s in the club … but this is what happens when you feed her after midnight.

Way to go Rob!

“Crazy Bitch” Sav, blood splattered, yet still sexy!

I wonder who the victim was … are we missing anyone?

Software was demonic, and still claiming that she is shy.

Our lovable Alien friend, Jorino, came by to shake his booty.

Its scary just how cute he is!

Vin’s costume was sexy, and devilishly devine.

What is it about garters, that makes you want to …. oh, never mind 🙂

Carley, is super hot in her grunge horror, with lace.

Prim was absolutely beautiful as a witch … I mean, scary …. really scary!

<insert bone chilling scream here>

Hammer joined us again!   Devil??  Demon?   Always delicious!

Rob’s pasty white skin, and red glowing eyes are enough to give you nightmares.

The tunes, as always were nothing less than stellar!

We will be partying again tomorrow night  4pm-6pm & 6pm-8pm slt

We have another great week of events planned, see you there.

Friday October 24th – Scariest Avatar Event

26 10 2008

Hot dancers, good tunes, and sexy VIP’s!

The Scariest Avatar Event Friday night was a lot of fun!  Here is a peek at the party!

Lao was a very scary Werewolf, and Ladonna is seen in the background here with a knife in her chest –looks like she had a rough day!

JLK was there.   His costume won him the contest!  This is just a head shot … he was a massive demon!

*shivers just thinking about it*

Reggie joined us as the Headless Horseman … that inspired lots of conversation, totally unrelated to Halloween!

Gufus, was Gargoyle … a modest one at that!

Sono was very scary as the grim reaper … complete with eerie green fog!

Thanks to all who joined us at this party, and to those who party with us nightly —

We love you all!

Best in Black Thursday, October 23rd

26 10 2008

Another stellar turn out for our Halloween festivities!   Here are some pics of the event!

Ab, looking Absolutely Fabulous as always.

Some of our sexy VIP’s included:


Astroglide – we had so much fun with him.   We hope to see him again really soon!   ❤

Jennifer and Misti, were looking extremely hot in black!

As well as the following other VIP’s who dropped in to party.





and I saved the best for last …..


So much sexiness has to be illegal!

Stay tuned for more highlights from our events!

Come on down and party with us, your picture could appear here next!

Best in Orange Tues. Oct. 21st.

23 10 2008

The party never stops at Hooters & Shooters.   Tuesday was our Best in Orange Event, and here is a glimpse  of the fun!

Here we have LeeAnn & Hammer’s butt looking delicious!

Sexy Hooters Dancers:   Karmen, Carley, Sav & Vin, & Ahna shown here strutting their stuff!

Robert, looks seriously serious here, shaking what his Momma gave him, while rocking the house!

Thanks for the awesome tunes Rob!!  (muah)

Some sexy VIP’s!

Patrick claimed to be color blind …. hence the red shirt.   (He’s so cute!)

Monday at Hooters! Sexiest Costume

23 10 2008

Monday was the Sexiest Costume Event:

When we decided to hold st a Sexiest Costume Event, we had no idea, just how sexy the costumes were going  be!    Thanks to our loyal, and always HOT VIP’s for breaking out the sexiest stuff and partying with us Mon. Oct. 20th

Our sexy dancers were uber sexy as well.

Nothing says “SEXY” like a man in a loin cloth!    Thanks Justice!

Hamilton, was also something to melt over!      Leather, & ass-less chaps

One of our favorite VIP’s has returned after a SL hiatus, and is looking as sexy as he ever did!  I think he’s been working out .. check out his moves!

So good to see you again Donal!    We missed you!

There were some sexy ladies in the club!      Guys, if you weren’t there, see what you missed out on!

Honey, our French Maid, with a feather duster.    Did you know Honey has a tickle fetish?

Ahna in all her awesomeness, leaving very little to the imagination!    YUMMY!

The voluptuous Vin, dressed in white.  I love the hat!

Emm was there … showing her best Assets!   We are still talking about the experience. If you look closely at this photo, you can see Justice in the background, pretending not to look at her butt.  Is it me, or is that a puddle of drool on his stage?

Last, but certainly not least …”Sono” was his usual sexy self — all dark, mysterious, and injured!  *swoons*

Lots of good stuff happening this week!     Be sure to drop by!