Elves & Fairies

21 11 2008

Sexies!   It’s been a while since our last post!    I have some old photos to show  you, which I think I’ll do in he form of a  collage.

We had a fabulous turn out at our event last night.    If you weren’t there, here’s a sample of what you missed.

Alazaigh came for a visit.   She was absolutely stunning.


Andi & Kon came for a visit … I love the detail in the elf-like costumes.


LaDonna …. beautiful as always!


July looked lovely in lilac!


If Bilzibub is one of Santa’s helpers, we are all in big trouble


Brie joined us and danced the night away!


If you were in the club last night, you know Giskard joined us, standing in his usual spot.  He claimed not to have an elf or fairy costume, so I helped him out a bit …


Come by and see us soon!    We have tons of fun stuff going on!




One response

25 11 2008

The leaf you see covering Giskard’s penis….is from a very, very small bonsai tree.

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