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25 03 2009

…I had to share this. Here’s the WordPress suggestion for a website – instead of hooterssecondlife, how about:

hooters-wordpress – classic!


New at Hooters

25 03 2009


In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new, wonderful thing going on at HnS… it doesn’t have an official name, so I’m going to refer to it as “Dollar Dance”…. it starts out like this:

HnS Dollar Dance

Do you see the wonderful thing that has happened?  Now you can tip your favorite dancer 150 LD (though I recommend the “twofer” for 250 LD) and tell them that you would like a dance (or two!!) and they will jump right off that stage and into your waiting arms…

The following is a wonderful example of the “twofer” in action… it’s tricky because neither person can remember who’s idea it was, but they both know it was WELL worth the 250 LD to enjoy each other’s company for two songs…

Ain't Love Grand?

Also, neither can remember who selected "pole" as the dance...

So what are you waiting on?  These smoking hot dancers are just waiting on YOU to make the first move, so make it happen, cappen.

Feeling Greedy?

17 03 2009


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13 03 2009

A quick word from our sponsors 🙂

Starting Saturday, March 14 at 9AM SLT!

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