Eat me!

21 05 2009

Here’s a sampling of the yumminess you missed at our Eat Me event with DJ Justice.

Here is the rocking DJ himself, with this Devil cherry shirt.


Next we have the Absolutely Fabulous, “bad-egg” of the crew.

Bad Egg Ab

She was shaking her yolk, and looking sexy as always.

Shannon & Claudia joined us as well.

Junk Food Shannon

Shannon had Mountain Dew in an IV bag to go!   Ingenious!

Claudia looked absolutely lick-able covered in chocolate sauce and whip cream.

Chocolate Sauce Claudia

I had no idea Morg’s banana was this big!


Look how excited he is about it!

Sav helped keep the party going dressed as a waffle cone sundae.

Waffle Cone Sav

Special thanks to Tallee & Kyenta who also kept the party rocking and the VIPs entertained.

As always, to our VIPs, we love & appreciate everyone of you!

Thanks for making our event a successful one!




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