Severe weather hits Caribbean City

7 05 2010

The storm had occurred approximately 5pm local time on Monday.   An incredible 30,000 lightning flashes were recorded in 2 hours – including 10,000 cloud-to-ground strikes.

Meteorologists have confirmed that the magnitude of this disaster could have only been caused by a super-cell tornado that dumped nearly one meter of ice on the region.   The ice was so heavy, the roof of the Hooters & Shooters Night Club collapsed, causing an estimated $L625,847.27 in damages.

The storm was one of the worst in the city’s history causing six centimeter sized hail stones, and torrential rain. Wind gusts over 104 km/h were reported in some locations.

Club Owner, Elle Kirshner was devastated at the sight of the mass destruction.  Her voice cracked as she spoke to reporters stating that, “despite the disaster, the staff will be back on the job next week.”  Club Manager, Savannah Ducatillon, wiped the tears from Ms. Kirshner’s mascara-stained cheeks whispering “We’ll figure something out.”

The owner of a neighboring Camp Ground stated that “debris from the club was tossed in to a nearby campsite; luckily none of the campers were injured.”

Sources also say that the owner of the camp ground has offered the use of an old abandoned warehouse for Elle & her staff to use for the time being.

Stay tuned for updates.