Severe weather hits Caribbean City

7 05 2010

The storm had occurred approximately 5pm local time on Monday.   An incredible 30,000 lightning flashes were recorded in 2 hours – including 10,000 cloud-to-ground strikes.

Meteorologists have confirmed that the magnitude of this disaster could have only been caused by a super-cell tornado that dumped nearly one meter of ice on the region.   The ice was so heavy, the roof of the Hooters & Shooters Night Club collapsed, causing an estimated $L625,847.27 in damages.

The storm was one of the worst in the city’s history causing six centimeter sized hail stones, and torrential rain. Wind gusts over 104 km/h were reported in some locations.

Club Owner, Elle Kirshner was devastated at the sight of the mass destruction.  Her voice cracked as she spoke to reporters stating that, “despite the disaster, the staff will be back on the job next week.”  Club Manager, Savannah Ducatillon, wiped the tears from Ms. Kirshner’s mascara-stained cheeks whispering “We’ll figure something out.”

The owner of a neighboring Camp Ground stated that “debris from the club was tossed in to a nearby campsite; luckily none of the campers were injured.”

Sources also say that the owner of the camp ground has offered the use of an old abandoned warehouse for Elle & her staff to use for the time being.

Stay tuned for updates.

Eat me!

21 05 2009

Here’s a sampling of the yumminess you missed at our Eat Me event with DJ Justice.

Here is the rocking DJ himself, with this Devil cherry shirt.


Next we have the Absolutely Fabulous, “bad-egg” of the crew.

Bad Egg Ab

She was shaking her yolk, and looking sexy as always.

Shannon & Claudia joined us as well.

Junk Food Shannon

Shannon had Mountain Dew in an IV bag to go!   Ingenious!

Claudia looked absolutely lick-able covered in chocolate sauce and whip cream.

Chocolate Sauce Claudia

I had no idea Morg’s banana was this big!


Look how excited he is about it!

Sav helped keep the party going dressed as a waffle cone sundae.

Waffle Cone Sav

Special thanks to Tallee & Kyenta who also kept the party rocking and the VIPs entertained.

As always, to our VIPs, we love & appreciate everyone of you!

Thanks for making our event a successful one!

Pardon the interruption…

25 03 2009

…I had to share this. Here’s the WordPress suggestion for a website – instead of hooterssecondlife, how about:

hooters-wordpress – classic!


Elvis Lives ….. ?!

28 02 2009

Elvis is a man of many faces at Hooters!

Read on to see what I mean….


Here is the King, impersonating Giskard, with his blue suede shoes.  Seriously!©


Here is Elvis, <insert announcer voice here> Live in Las Vegas!


Back from his Blue Hawaii concert, here is Elvis gyrating his  hips.


Our bodacious blond, Tallee was there, TCB, and keeping the VIPs entertained.

Thanks to our sexy VIPs who dressed to the theme:


Ariadne, was very easy on the eyes!!


Emm, I love those Elvis socks!!


Lost, was found at Hooters

There was an Elle sighting as well!


We had a lot of fun at the Elvis event, and hope you did too!


27 02 2009

We partied like John Belushi at Animal House, with our Toga Party!!


Carley was there, keeping the party hopping and looking stunning as always!

Donal joined us looking like like God!


Lost joined us again, looking totally handsome!


…. and of course, our beautiful Emm.


Giskard didn’t have bed sheets to wrap up in,  so he wore a bath towel!       How ingenious!


Our Divalicious DJ Honey was looking hot as she kept the place jumping with her tunes!


Sono & Cage were also there, looking supremely sexy !


We have great parties every night!

Be sure to join us, you might find your picture here too!

Recently at Hooters…

23 01 2009

…we’ve had events. Lots of them. However…as it turns out…we’re not so great at taking pics of those events and posting them here. Sorry about that.

Bear with us — we’re gonna work on it and see if we can get this blog in ship-shape! There are lots of things going on at the club and on the stay tuned!

Elves & Fairies

21 11 2008

Sexies!   It’s been a while since our last post!    I have some old photos to show  you, which I think I’ll do in he form of a  collage.

We had a fabulous turn out at our event last night.    If you weren’t there, here’s a sample of what you missed.

Alazaigh came for a visit.   She was absolutely stunning.


Andi & Kon came for a visit … I love the detail in the elf-like costumes.


LaDonna …. beautiful as always!


July looked lovely in lilac!


If Bilzibub is one of Santa’s helpers, we are all in big trouble


Brie joined us and danced the night away!


If you were in the club last night, you know Giskard joined us, standing in his usual spot.  He claimed not to have an elf or fairy costume, so I helped him out a bit …


Come by and see us soon!    We have tons of fun stuff going on!