The other night at Hooters…

9 12 2008

Winter has officially arrived at the H&S Compound, and we kicked it off this past Saturday with our Winter Festival! Somehow, miraculously, we managed to not melt the ice with our VIP hotness. Whew!

Hooters Winter Wonderland:


Elle showed off her Rudolph skates (thanks, Giskard!) while Prim summoned the snow gods!


Laryn and Ladonna tried really really hard to melt the ice. *sizzle*


Bilzubub showed us what the declining SL economy has done to Santa…but he spread cheer, nonetheless!


Come by and visit — we have ice skates available outside the club, there’s ice fishing, an igloo…and tons of snow everywhere! Don’t forget about shopping, too — we’ve got your holiday gift needs all right here in the compound! Enjoy!

Last night at Hooters…

3 12 2008

It was Twin Night! Our first try at this event…and it was a great time! Two for the price of one — that’s the way I like it!

We had fraternal twins…


*Red7 Tenk and his tiger pal

We had clothing twins…


*Justice and Sav

And we had identical twins…


The twin refused to strip unless she also got a tip jar.

Winter has come to H&S Compound — come by and play in the snow, do some ice skating and ice fishing, and check out the shops! There’s always something to see and do!

See ya soon!

Recently at Hooters…

19 10 2008

I feel like I can confidently state the following: Hooters folk are sexy. We did it up right for Sports Night on the 15th…

Johnny, Ab, and Margaret win one (or six) for the team.

Ahna calls a personal foul on Dagger for intentional hotness.

Sav shows those ‘professional’ sports players how to make eye black look sexy.

Saturday night, we kicked off the Hooters Halloween season with our Fall Festival! It was autumnal!

Sav and Vin showed off their fall flair…

…and Giskard fell for the old ‘poisoned apple in the basket’ trick. Bwahahahaha!

Speaking of apples, here’s what it was like for them when LeeAnn went a-bobbing. Mmmm…bobbing.

Swing by the club tonight for Oktoberfest!! We’ve got tons of Halloween fun for you over the next two weeks — keep checking in!

Last night at Hooters…

4 10 2008

Firefighters Night. Let the motherf*cker burn.

Cruz shows a new firefighting technique — it’s accompanied by a loud “boo”.

In the event a fire breaks out, Keg likes to carry his own personal firefighter with him. Smart thinking.

We’ve got great Halloween events coming up this month — keep your eyes and ears open for notices, and make sure you’re at Hooters every night!

*H&S Compound* Jewelry by Bonita!

30 09 2008

Spotlight on Jewelry by Bonita! If you haven’t already, you must check out Bonita Popinjay’s shop in the H&S Compound! You’ll find very nicely detailed jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and more!

Bonita does great bangles, and there is a wide selection in the H&S shop! Here is the Bangles 16 set, modeled by yours truly.  😉 The Antique Pearl Wrapped Necklace I’m wearing is also from Bonita — and it’s available as a freebie in the H&S shop!! Get over there and grab one for yourself!

Last night at Hooters…

30 09 2008

It was Best Lingerie from 6-8. Daggerloo may soon have her own page.

Our favorite wee VIP was there — along with his squirrel.

See you tonight at Hooters for Two-for Tuesday and Roller Derby!

Last night at Hooters…

22 09 2008

This is what a lifetime service contract gets me:

Happy Hooters Anniversary, Justice!