*Hooters Halloween!*

3 11 2008

There was nothing about our Halloween party that didn’t rock! We had an amazing turnout, complete with great costumes — the music was thumping, the crowd was jumping, someone somewhere was likely pumping…and something else that rhymes with thumping. Check it out!

Waiting for the party to get started…

…and there it goes. 🙂

Sav, Ahna, and Elle spook it up:

Pax shows off his impressive wingspan:

Guf shows off his pointy parts:

Ach loses his head:

Tallee and Emily show how to do Halloween-sexy right!

Thanks again to everyone who spent their Halloween with us — you guys are the best!

Recently at Hooters…

26 10 2008

You’ll see from all the recent posts that we’ve had lots of scary Halloween visitors lately. We like that. The other night, though, we were surprised by this:

That’s Ab as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, and she rocked the club…after overcoming a few challenges.

The scavenger hunt will be starting tomorrow! Keep your eyes on the blog and group notices for more info!