Best Pumpkin Mon. Oct. 27th

28 10 2008

Thanks to all our VIPs that showed up for our Best Pumpkin Event 4-6pm on Monday, October 27th

We had lots of laughs!   Have a look at the great costumes.

Axe looked adorable.  She was bopping around the dance floor, having a great time.

Sono, makes a jack-o-lantern look good, doesn’t he?

So does Hammer!

Ab, Carley, and Sav kept the party hopping!      Sav, earned the nickname “Pumpkin-pie”, with Ab’s help.

If you missed Honey’s story as to why, I guess you’ll never know the truth.

Honey has a great set of pumpkins …

… and played an amazing array of music

Jennifer also joined the party!

and sexy Reggie came to hang out too!

Thanks to all our VIP`s who make the party every night.

Be sure to drop by tomorrow night.   We promise it will be a blast!

Best in Orange Tues. Oct. 21st.

23 10 2008

The party never stops at Hooters & Shooters.   Tuesday was our Best in Orange Event, and here is a glimpse  of the fun!

Here we have LeeAnn & Hammer’s butt looking delicious!

Sexy Hooters Dancers:   Karmen, Carley, Sav & Vin, & Ahna shown here strutting their stuff!

Robert, looks seriously serious here, shaking what his Momma gave him, while rocking the house!

Thanks for the awesome tunes Rob!!  (muah)

Some sexy VIP’s!

Patrick claimed to be color blind …. hence the red shirt.   (He’s so cute!)