New at Hooters

25 03 2009


In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new, wonderful thing going on at HnS… it doesn’t have an official name, so I’m going to refer to it as “Dollar Dance”…. it starts out like this:

HnS Dollar Dance

Do you see the wonderful thing that has happened?  Now you can tip your favorite dancer 150 LD (though I recommend the “twofer” for 250 LD) and tell them that you would like a dance (or two!!) and they will jump right off that stage and into your waiting arms…

The following is a wonderful example of the “twofer” in action… it’s tricky because neither person can remember who’s idea it was, but they both know it was WELL worth the 250 LD to enjoy each other’s company for two songs…

Ain't Love Grand?

Also, neither can remember who selected "pole" as the dance...

So what are you waiting on?  These smoking hot dancers are just waiting on YOU to make the first move, so make it happen, cappen.

The other night at Hooters…

9 12 2008

Winter has officially arrived at the H&S Compound, and we kicked it off this past Saturday with our Winter Festival! Somehow, miraculously, we managed to not melt the ice with our VIP hotness. Whew!

Hooters Winter Wonderland:


Elle showed off her Rudolph skates (thanks, Giskard!) while Prim summoned the snow gods!


Laryn and Ladonna tried really really hard to melt the ice. *sizzle*


Bilzubub showed us what the declining SL economy has done to Santa…but he spread cheer, nonetheless!


Come by and visit — we have ice skates available outside the club, there’s ice fishing, an igloo…and tons of snow everywhere! Don’t forget about shopping, too — we’ve got your holiday gift needs all right here in the compound! Enjoy!

Last night at Hooters…

3 12 2008

It was Twin Night! Our first try at this event…and it was a great time! Two for the price of one — that’s the way I like it!

We had fraternal twins…


*Red7 Tenk and his tiger pal

We had clothing twins…


*Justice and Sav

And we had identical twins…


The twin refused to strip unless she also got a tip jar.

Winter has come to H&S Compound — come by and play in the snow, do some ice skating and ice fishing, and check out the shops! There’s always something to see and do!

See ya soon!

*Hooters Halloween!*

3 11 2008

There was nothing about our Halloween party that didn’t rock! We had an amazing turnout, complete with great costumes — the music was thumping, the crowd was jumping, someone somewhere was likely pumping…and something else that rhymes with thumping. Check it out!

Waiting for the party to get started…

…and there it goes. 🙂

Sav, Ahna, and Elle spook it up:

Pax shows off his impressive wingspan:

Guf shows off his pointy parts:

Ach loses his head:

Tallee and Emily show how to do Halloween-sexy right!

Thanks again to everyone who spent their Halloween with us — you guys are the best!

Recently at Hooters…

26 10 2008

You’ll see from all the recent posts that we’ve had lots of scary Halloween visitors lately. We like that. The other night, though, we were surprised by this:

That’s Ab as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, and she rocked the club…after overcoming a few challenges.

The scavenger hunt will be starting tomorrow! Keep your eyes on the blog and group notices for more info!

Best in Orange Tues. Oct. 21st.

23 10 2008

The party never stops at Hooters & Shooters.   Tuesday was our Best in Orange Event, and here is a glimpse  of the fun!

Here we have LeeAnn & Hammer’s butt looking delicious!

Sexy Hooters Dancers:   Karmen, Carley, Sav & Vin, & Ahna shown here strutting their stuff!

Robert, looks seriously serious here, shaking what his Momma gave him, while rocking the house!

Thanks for the awesome tunes Rob!!  (muah)

Some sexy VIP’s!

Patrick claimed to be color blind …. hence the red shirt.   (He’s so cute!)

*New Store* Pulchritude

23 10 2008

H&S Compound is pleased to announce our newest merchant, Juliette Pashinin of Pulchritude!

You have to check out the shop, located between Majestic Shapes and Graphica Textures. Juliette has really fun body paint available in several different designs…and I want them all! VIPs should expect a Body Paint event in the near future. 😉

Julliette also has a small selection of very nice dresses – be sure to take a look!

Visit Pulchritude in the H&S Compound today!