Friday October 24th – Scariest Avatar Event

26 10 2008

Hot dancers, good tunes, and sexy VIP’s!

The Scariest Avatar Event Friday night was a lot of fun!  Here is a peek at the party!

Lao was a very scary Werewolf, and Ladonna is seen in the background here with a knife in her chest –looks like she had a rough day!

JLK was there.   His costume won him the contest!  This is just a head shot … he was a massive demon!

*shivers just thinking about it*

Reggie joined us as the Headless Horseman … that inspired lots of conversation, totally unrelated to Halloween!

Gufus, was Gargoyle … a modest one at that!

Sono was very scary as the grim reaper … complete with eerie green fog!

Thanks to all who joined us at this party, and to those who party with us nightly —

We love you all!