Recent nights at Hooters…

17 09 2008

We had our first ever Hooters Car Show this past Saturday night, and it was awesome!

A million thanks to these fine designers for letting us play with their cars!

Route 66 Tools

Binder Motors

ZKS Motors

Triple X

AM ProRides

You know what’s better than a hot Hooters dancer? A hot Hooters dancer on a finely crafted automobile.

True story.

That’s Ahna, Ab, and Elle gettin’ it on…until Prim showed up to lay down the law.

We also saw an opportunity to make a few extra Linden for the club…

Tuesday night (tonight) was 80s Night…and the hero of the 1980s decade was there to celebrate:

Don’t miss the Hooters 2nd Birthday Celebration, September 18-20!!

Last night at Hooters…

13 09 2008

Make no mistake: Rocky Horror Night brings out the freaks.

Ahna, Tallee, Madison, and Aidan do the Time Warp…again.

Morg has an opportunity to wear his hanging-around-the-house clothes. 😉

Robert is possibly the creepiest Riff Raff ever. Well done!

Don’t miss our first ever Hooters Car Show tonight from 4-8 pm SLT!

Last night at Hooters…and the night before…

5 09 2008

DJ Giskard rocked da club for Guitar Hero on Wednesday night.

As always, Slash made an appearance:

Haiden played with fire:

Ahnalei was hotter than fire (*melts*):

Thursday night, DJ Ellevis rocked out for Elvis Night! There was hip twitching and peanut butter & ‘nana sandwiches…and a battle between Good Elvis and Bad Elvis.



Dont’ miss the merriment every night at Hooters! Tonight, it’s our All Male Revue from 6-8! Come see our boys in action — and I promise Morg will not be wearing the leather cod piece! See ya there!

Last night at Hooters…

3 09 2008

It got wild up in the club for Welcome to the Jungle.

Aiubrey and Mistina show their animalistic side. Rawr!

Software seems surprised – imagine how the monkey felt to have a Software on his back.

This panda ate Giskard.

Justice the Explorer wonders what happened to his shoes.

Morg of the Jungle knows exactly what happened to Justice’s shoes…oooh, savage.

Elle shows what happens when you get caught in the jungle without hair conditioner.

Get over to the club tonight for another action-packed evening of fun and debauchery! We offer both!

Last night at Hooters…

6 08 2008

So, as previously mentioned, it was Morg’s anniversary yesterday. Inevitably, he crashed the party that he wasn’t invited to – typical. We managed to have a good time in spite of it. Even though he insisted on jumping out of his own cake. Diva!

Now, I’m not usually squeamish about the nudity and the boobies and the peepees, as you all know. But somehow…well, somehow, these pics just screamed for censoring. However, check out the size of those skates! You know what they say…

My eyes! My eyes! ……………*faints*

*Hooters* Happy Anniversary, Morg!

5 08 2008

Yep – today marks 1 year that I’ve allowed Morg to continue coming in to “work” at Hooters. ..and here’s what I get for my troubles:

We’re gonna party it up right nice for Morg tonight during the 6-8 Roller Derby event — I mean, he’s not invited, so come on over and have a blast at his expense!

Hooters & Shooters!

*Hooters* Keg Party!

29 07 2008

So, if you missed our Keg Party last night, that means you missed this:

Brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?