*H&S Compound* Shops, we got ’em!

10 08 2008

Check the “Need something to do…” page, linked on the right, for a list of all the awesome shops available for you on the H&S Compound. I specifically want to mention one of our newest: BamBam’s Flower Hut! BamBam Sachertorte has set up shop on a dock outside SC Tattoos/Badkatz, and you have to stop by to check out the cute stuff! He has just a few items displayed on the dock, and then you can also click his display boards to temp-rezz other items! That’s an awesome way to display the oh-so-cute large-scale sculpted items that he offers. For instance, Pax and I checked out his Flower Pool:

Click the sign again to dispose of the temp rezz when you’re done! It’s really cool! Pax and I also checked out BamBam’s beanbags…they change shape when you sit in them, just like RL! 🙂

Come see it all at H&S Compound!