Last night at Hooters…

8 09 2008

It was Pirate/Caribbean Night — yo ho ho and whatnot!

Ahna & Daggerloo can command my fleet anytime. 😉

There is nothing hotter than a pirate couple dance-off. Tallee & Aidan versus Madison & Duane — scallywags!

Giskard and Software stretch after the shipwreck.

I can’t be sure, but I really think Duane’s parrot was giving me the eye all night. Avast!

Hooters – only partially contaminated by scurvy!

Last night at Hooters…

3 09 2008

It got wild up in the club for Welcome to the Jungle.

Aiubrey and Mistina show their animalistic side. Rawr!

Software seems surprised – imagine how the monkey felt to have a Software on his back.

This panda ate Giskard.

Justice the Explorer wonders what happened to his shoes.

Morg of the Jungle knows exactly what happened to Justice’s shoes…oooh, savage.

Elle shows what happens when you get caught in the jungle without hair conditioner.

Get over to the club tonight for another action-packed evening of fun and debauchery! We offer both!