Saturday, October 25th – HORROR NIGHT!

26 10 2008

Horror night brought out a wide array of costumes from VIP’s and staff.

Emily arrived dressed as an 80’s icon, “Stripe” from the Gremlins movie.

That’s right .. this is Emily!   She’s normally beautiful, and scantily clad when she’s in the club … but this is what happens when you feed her after midnight.

Way to go Rob!

“Crazy Bitch” Sav, blood splattered, yet still sexy!

I wonder who the victim was … are we missing anyone?

Software was demonic, and still claiming that she is shy.

Our lovable Alien friend, Jorino, came by to shake his booty.

Its scary just how cute he is!

Vin’s costume was sexy, and devilishly devine.

What is it about garters, that makes you want to …. oh, never mind 🙂

Carley, is super hot in her grunge horror, with lace.

Prim was absolutely beautiful as a witch … I mean, scary …. really scary!

<insert bone chilling scream here>

Hammer joined us again!   Devil??  Demon?   Always delicious!

Rob’s pasty white skin, and red glowing eyes are enough to give you nightmares.

The tunes, as always were nothing less than stellar!

We will be partying again tomorrow night  4pm-6pm & 6pm-8pm slt

We have another great week of events planned, see you there.