Recently at Hooters…

19 10 2008

I feel like I can confidently state the following: Hooters folk are sexy. We did it up right for Sports Night on the 15th…

Johnny, Ab, and Margaret win one (or six) for the team.

Ahna calls a personal foul on Dagger for intentional hotness.

Sav shows those ‘professional’ sports players how to make eye black look sexy.

Saturday night, we kicked off the Hooters Halloween season with our Fall Festival! It was autumnal!

Sav and Vin showed off their fall flair…

…and Giskard fell for the old ‘poisoned apple in the basket’ trick. Bwahahahaha!

Speaking of apples, here’s what it was like for them when LeeAnn went a-bobbing. Mmmm…bobbing.

Swing by the club tonight for Oktoberfest!! We’ve got tons of Halloween fun for you over the next two weeks — keep checking in!

Last night at Hooters…

12 09 2008

Once upon a time, Hooters had a fairy tale party…and we all lived happily ever after!

Emily, Kitty, and Oceanblue prove that fairy tale dreams DO come true!

The weird thing is that as soon as Vincent’s pot really started bubbling…suddenly we couldnt’ find Robert.

When Little Red Riding Hood Bre showed up…I automatically headed for Grandma’s house.

Don’t miss the first ever Hooters Car Show this Saturday from 4-8 pm SLT!